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Upgrade Your Functional Tests Today with AMETEK Programmable Power’s Complete Test and Measurement Guide

May 27, 2021
Topics: Functional Test

Functional tests are critical to product qualification, ensuring that your systems work like they are supposed to. That is why specifying better functional test equipment is key to creating better products. Without the right equipment to power your functional tests, you can’t guarantee the quality of your products, and your systems may fail unexpectedly out in the field. 


If you want to create the next best design, you need accurate, reliable 

and redundant test systems. Design engineers across industry lines are relying on automated test equipment (ATE) and automated switching systems, as well as modular instrumentation and switching software, to improve their functional tests. Automation and modularity help by: 

  • Improving signal integrity 
  • Reducing human error 
  • Speeding up time to test and making integrations easier 
  • Reducing system complexity 

In order to ensure that your functional tests are up to par, check out AMETEK Programmable Power’s new industry resource, The Complete Test and Measurement Guide for Better Functional Tests. This go-to guide on functional tests will walk you through how to increase test accuracy and reliability so that you can ensure your designs: 

  • Meet performance/efficiency expectations 
  • Minimize power usage 
  • Maintain regulatory compliance 
  • Work out in the field, no matter the conditions  

Get the guide today, and make sure that your functional tests are setting you up for success! 

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