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Elevate Your Test and Measurement Application Success


Explore New Resources from VTI Instruments

In the ever-evolving field of test and measurement, having access to comprehensive resources is vital for achieving accurate and reliable results. AMETEK Programmable Power and its VTI Instruments brand offer application notes and guides designed to enhance your test and measurement capabilities. In this blog, we will highlight these valuable resources, which cover a range of industries and provide insights for better test measurements, starting with our recent application notes. 


New Application Notes Showcase Several Industry Solutions 

Three of our latest application notes explore armored vehicle testing to white goods and university research. By examining the insights and best practices shared in these materials, you can optimize your test setups, improve accuracy, and ensure reliable results, here:  


amt-vti-app-note-armored-vehicleDepot Chooses Switches for Armored Vehicle Test 

This application note showcases how a military depot chose our switches and programmable sources for armored vehicle testing. We go into how the switches and sources meet the stringent power and signal transfer requirements in harsh environments. By leveraging this application note, you can gain valuable insights into ensuring the performance and reliability of your own test setups. 


amt-vti-app-note-white-goodsData Acquisition for White Goods Refrigerator Test 

Discover how our data acquisition solutions enable accurate and comprehensive testing of white goods, specifically refrigerators. This application note highlights the role of data acquisition in ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and safety of refrigeration systems. Gain valuable knowledge on selecting and implementing data acquisition systems for white goods testing, enhancing your capabilities in this industry. 


amt-vti-app-note-wind-tunnelLXI Data Acquisition System for University 

This application note focuses on applying LXI data acquisition systems in university environments. Explore how our LXI solutions provide flexibility, scalability, and ease of integration for a wide range of academic research and educational purposes. Learn how to optimize data acquisition systems to meet the unique requirements of university labs and research projects, and much more. 


Our application notes provide valuable insights into the capabilities and versatility of our solutions across diverse industries. Check out our other application notes and resources in different industries here to unlock the full potential of our solutions for your specific industry needs. 


All About Test and Measurement 

In two new foundational pieces, an eBook and microsite, VTI Instruments offers resources that empower you to maximize the potential of your test and measurement applications. These resources demonstrate our commitment to supporting you throughout your test and measurement journey. 


amt-vti-ebook-covereBook: The Complete Guide to Better Test and Measurement

Functional testing is an essential part of the product development process, particularly in high-stakes industries such as automotive, military, aviation, and medical. Engineers rely on high-quality functional testing equipment to ensure their devices meet performance requirements, maintain efficient power usage, withstand operational environments, and comply with regulatory standards. Additionally, access to data acquisition systems is crucial for real-time monitoring, early problem detection, data analysis, and troubleshooting. By investing in accurate and reliable testing equipment and data acquisition systems from AMETEK Programmable Power and VTI Instruments, design engineers can enhance the quality and reliability of their products, saving time and resources while achieving excellence in their respective industries. Learn more by downloading our eBook. 


Microsite: A Deep Dive into Data Acquisition and Functional Tests 

This comprehensive microsite offers insights and best practices for achieving better test measurements across various applications. Learn how to optimize your test setup, ensure accuracy and repeatability, minimize noise and interference, and select the right measurement instruments. By leveraging the guidance provided in this microsite, you can enhance the quality and reliability of your test results. 


Visit the provided links to access these application notes and guides, unlocking the power of our expertise for your specific test and measurement needs. And check out our similar newest resources with AMETEK Programmable Power, outlined in the blog here. Or, contact us today to learn more!