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Improve Your Data Acquisition with AMETEK Programmable Power’s Complete Guide to Better Measurements

June 24, 2021

You need better sensors. Why? Because a single bad sensor could cause your functional tests to fail, wasting millions of dollars if you are testing something like a missile or a jet engine in a one-shot destructive test. A failed test is not even the worst-case scenario. Imagine what is at stake if a bad sensor gives you a false positive, leading to your device failing out in the field – all of which could have been avoided by getting the right sensors.  Screenshot 2021-04-15 142532

If you want better sensors, you need to focus on signal integrity. Higher signal integrity means higher quality electrical signals, and thus more accurate data acquisition. However, having one sensor with good signal integrity is not enough. Most high-level tests require a more complex data acquisition system with multiple sensors placed all over the device you are testing.  

That is why you need both better sensors and a well-integrated system in order to improve your data acquisition. AMETEK Programmable Power’s new industry resource, Data Acquisition: The Complete Guide to Better Measurements, covers everything from the finer details of signal integrity to how you can build a better overall data acquisition system. Details include how to: 

  • Improve signal integrity and signal conditioning  
  • Build rugged data acquisitions systems 
  • Obtain high-speed synchronized data acquisition  
  • Improve testing confidence  

And more. Get the guide today, and make sure you don’t waste your next test! 

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